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History Hike 2022

Hi, I'm Kieran. I run the North East Heritage Library, a local history website that aims to modernise and make more accessible the heritage of the region. A few months ago, my grandad passed away from cancer. It was sudden - we only found out he had it again a few weeks before his passing, but his deterioration was abrupt and upsetting. It came as a huge shock and one we still haven't recovered from. As part of the North East Heritage Library, I walk and talk a lot. I share particular areas of interest in the region which hopefully sparks a fascination in others. Over the past few months I've been wondering how I can keep fit while making it enjoyable at the same time. Raising money for charity at the same time comes in as a no brainer.

For Macmillan, i'll be walking just under 50 miles from Newcastle's Castle Keep to Alnwick Castle. The route will take me along the old Great North Road, through Plessey Woods onto the South East Northumberland towns of Bedlington and Ashington. Then I will follow the coast up to Amble and Alnmouth and westwards to Alnwick. I'll be taking my drone and camera equipment to share my discoveries along the way, documenting our heritage in the process. I aim to complete the walk all within August Bank Holiday weekend - That's Friday, Saturday and Sunday at about 16 miles a day. Times are hard right now and understandably everyone's a bit skint - I've set the target at a modest £300 so if you can donate even a few quid that would be amazing. It goes directly to Macmillan for physical, mental and financial support. The charity help those with cancer at their greatest time of need while supporting their loved ones with advice on benefits, funeral plans and general wellbeing. They are worthy of our support.

Please visit our Twitter and our Website for more info on what we do.

See below the route I will take over the three days:

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