Local history should cater for everyone. Our website should be easy to use.


Make history visually and aesthetically pleasing, and not just a giant wall of text.


History shouldn't just focus on the plain old. History without speaking for those without a voice is history with blinkers on.


History needs to be all of this, and just as fascinating.

The North East Heritage Library is an independent, community driven initiative to archive historic and sometimes forgotten relics, as well as provide an opportunity to local writers to share their passion.

Focused on the area from Teesside to South East Northumberland, we aim to make local history engaging, accessible and inclusive. While searching for local history groups and websites most are grassroots and community driven. This is critical in keeping our local heritage alive. It is just as vital to accommodate people who aren't just interested in reading essays and sifting the internet for various sources. As a result, we want to make our resource visually interesting, using maps, pictures and interactive tools to make local history exciting and compact. 

We also want to extract the best sources of history and put them in one place, fully accrediting sources without hesitation (we aren't here to deceive or claim work as our own, just for it to reach more people). While there are many tools to search for specific things, there isn't one where you can quickly search a place, have a speedy read, and feel well informed. Often about things you didn't come for in the first place. 

We hope you enjoy our little website. After all, this is ran by someone living in Newcastle who does it in their spare time, and just wants to make history fun and engaging to all kinds of people. If you have any feedback, let me know by emailing me on the contact page. Maybe donate a cup of coffee if you appreciate our work.