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Introducing the Amplified History Fund

Hello everyone! Hope you're all well.

Local History can lack in representation. Too often, we focus on the castles and collieries rather than the real, diverse communities that have lived in the North East for centuries. I, too, can fall into this trap, so I've been stewing with ideas for a while on how I can use this platform to ensure every voice is heard in our area's local history.

To coincide with LGBT+ History Month, i'm really excited to share a new programme which aims to amplify the histories of the underrepresented in the region.

The North East Heritage Library's Amplified History Fund will provide modest payments to local writers passionate in sharing the histories of the underrepresented and marginalised. The payments may be provided to those with a deep interest in a community, figure, area or event whose stories may not receive the attention they deserve. The fees are intended to help with research, transport, subscriptions and the cost of time in producing an article or essay for the North East Heritage Library.

The payments are funded from a number of sources: our valued patrons, funds raised from our publications and from myself.

We welcome applications from persons of any age, background or academic level. With this in mind, we especially encourage folk from diverse backgrounds who have previously been underrepresented. This can include people from a minority background or faith, the LGBTQ+ community and/or low income households. This is not exhaustive.

For our first round of applications, we will provide a £100 fee to 2 successful applicants to aid with their research and to use the final articles on our website, social media channels and future publications.

The deadline to submit is 12pm, 02/03/2023. The intention would be for a final written piece by late Spring.

Please click here if you wish to apply, and please feel free to email me with any questions at

I really look forward to hearing from you!



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