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A welcome.

Hi everyone. I'm Kieran, and i've developed this resource from the ground up for around 3 months. I created this tool in an effort to make local history an interest not just for its typical audience, but for anyone who wonders things like "I wonder why this is there" or "why is this street called this?". As a result our core mission for everything we do is to make this website as accessible and inclusive as it can possibly be. At the time of writing, this website wasn't meant to be promoted and published. I was going to hold off for another few weeks in order to create more content and expand the site so it was as rich as possible with features from every side of the north east. I've mostly done this apart from a couple of places, which will be completed in time. However, something has changed, and with the small platform I have I want to take utilise it as a tool for good. I want it to be a resource for the sides of our history which is somewhat neglected for other kinds.

Right now, this country is trying to answer a question which has been looming over our heads for the past few centuries, and has now erupted to the surface in the form of tension and divide. Newcastle especially has been featured on the news as an epicentre of this conflict (see Britain's relationship with race is one of ebbs and flows. Some would say matters have been resolved, many would say people of colour enjoy the same privileges as white people. As a white man who has never been stopped by police and search, and never missed out on an opportunity due to the colour of my skin, I can conclusively say that is not true.

We need to listen to black people, and let them be the leaders of the conversation.

As we are those with the privilege to do so, we need to accommodate and ensure we are not just self serving and inward looking. As a result, the North East Heritage Library is focusing its attention this month on Black History in the North East, and utilising our platform to showcase and shed a light. We will put a spotlight on the injustices faced by POC throughout history in our area, but also demonstrate times of celebration and tribute to the area's black community.

We will be utilising our Twitter page and encourage anyone that would like to do so to get in touch with us via our email or our contact page to tell us your story or provide pictures you would be comfortable with sharing.

We appreciate your time, and taking an interest in our little site.

Black Lives Matter. All Lives Can't Matter Until Black Lives Do.


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