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Name: Wighams Well

Region: Wallsend

Date of Origin: N/A

Site Type: Water Well

Condition: Not in existance

Status: Housing built on top of the assumed structure

Last Updated: 25/05/2020

Address: Belmont Close, Wallsend

The well, situated south of the old village of Battle Hill, has not been documented nor is it mentioned in any texts or websites. It is perhaps named after the Wallsend shipbuilders Wigham Richardson, but this is the only information that can be provided at this time. The well may have been the main fresh water source for Battle Hill, as per the country lane from the village as noted by the dashed lines. 

By the 2nd edition the access has been cut off by farmland enclosure. The well is solitary, serving a purpose we can only speculate. 

It is not known when the well was constructed nor are we aware of when it was demolished apart from no longer featuring on the maps after 1921. This may be related to the Coast Road works but it is hard to be definite. 

This has peaked our interest and we'd love to know more about this little well. If you are from the Battle Hill/Wallsend area and know anything about its origins, let us know on the Contact page.

Well, 1862
Well, 1898


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