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Name: Steamboat Pier

Region: South Shields, South Tyneside

Date of Origin: 18th Century

Site Type: Ferry Terminal

Condition: Not in existance

Status: The site is now occupied by the South Tyneside College Fire Training Centre. 

Last Updated: 22/05/2020

Address: 55.004270, -1.438905NE33 1LQ

The steamboat landing is only marked on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map. In the 2nd edition no such landing is evident except from a quay a couple of hundred metre south. It seems this steamboat pier fell out of favour sometime in the latter half of the 19th century. The landing seems to be evident on a couple of earlier maps, for example Kitchin's map of the late 18th c. This would be hard to prove as the scale is much less specific. 

Steamboat Quay, 1962

Ordnance Survey, 1862

The Steamboat Landing can be seen to the left near the Hospital Quay. This pier is on no editions after the first.

Steamboat Quay, 1898

Ordnance Survey, 1898

As noted, only the Ferry Station to the south is evident under the Engine Works. This is around the site of the current ferry landing to North Shields. Nothing is known of why the Pier closed.


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