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Front Street, Football Ground

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3 Jul 2023

Sherburn Welfare AFC (1929), Sherburn Welfare United, Sherburn Village FC

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NEHL - This patch of land on Front Street, Sherburn has been home to a football ground since at least the 1920s. The ground first appears on OS maps surveyed in 1940, though contemporary newspaper articles give us some insight into its history.

The Newcastle Chronicle of 12/06/31 reports on a communication between Sherburn Parish Council and Dorman Long (who likely owned the land due to the associated colliery westwards), regarding a purchase of land which had already been used as a football ground by Sherburn Welfare. This would put it pre-1931, but likely 1920s as it does not appear on older Ordnance Survey maps.

Therefore, we can conclude the ground was used by Sherburn Welfare AFC. The club were formed in 1929 according to a piece in the Sunderland Echo of 22/08/1929. It states they were to join the Durham and District League and gathered a capable set of players included Jackson, a forward from Ferryhill Athletic and Sherburn Hill forward J Blacklock. The team appeared to have continued through to the war. By this time there are no references to the club that played in the Durham and District League appears to have closed.

By the 1950s a second welfare club, Sherburn Welfare United, appear to have formed. They played in competitions such as the Durham Minor Cup, so appear to be a youth team.

At some time after, the ground appears to have been remodelled incorporating the earlier recreation ground. The pitch is now against Front Street, with the pavilion on the road removed and replaced with a bowling green. Sherburn Village FC now utilise the site.

Ordnance Survey

'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

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'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

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