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Seaham Harbour, Cricket Ground

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8 Jun 2023

Seaham Harbour CC

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NEHL - This patch of land, which was first enclosed with a hawthorn hedge on pasture land, has been used by Seaham Harbour CC since their inception in 1868. A piece from the Durham County Advertised of 29/05/1868 states they have got their new ground "in capital order", with the present season being entered upon "with pleasure and confidence".

The club played friendly matches throughout the 19th century owing to a lack of any league. A big benefactor was Lord Londonderry, who allowed use of the land on his Seaham Hall estate. The 1890s 25 inch Ordnance Survey may illustrates the ground though is unmarked. It is wedged between the "New Drive" and the Londonderry Railway, and featured a small pavilion on the same site as todays pavilion. A tennis ground was also on the grounds in the south western corner.

The club joined the Durham Senior League in 1902 and competed against such clubs as Wearmouth Colliery, South Shields, Tudhoe and Sunderland. Seaham Ernest were in the North Durham Senior League at this time. The club were paying piecemeal rent of £5 a year to the Lord for use of the ground.

Success continued at the ground, winning the league in 1946 and 1953. The original club folded in 2018 though a phoenix team was formed shortly after. The ground is still in use.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey, 1897

'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

The ground in 1948, around the time of their peak successes. Source: Source Historic England Archive (RAF photography) Historic England Photograph: raf_58_b_26_v_5169 flown 09/05/1948

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'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

The ground on an unknown date with Vane Tempest Colliery in the background. Unknown original source but shared at

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