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St Peters

Mushroom Slipway


54.967850, -1.583005

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Edward Lindsay & Co. (1867 - 1889) Anderson, Johnson & Littlejohn, Anderson & Laverick

Types built here:

Schooner, Screw Steamer, Wherry

Customers (Not Exhaustive):

Tyne Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Sunderland Keel Co Ltd.

Estimated Output:


Construction Materials:

Wood, Iron



Last Updated:



This was the middle of the three shipyards around Mushroom, and stood here from at least the 1850s until the 1890s.

The ownership of these yards is hazy thanks to their close proximities. The yard had a dock as well as what appears to be a short slipway on the 1850s map. It was adjacent to St Lawrence Saw Mills in later years who consumed the most westerly yard.

This was likely the Lindsay Yard which operated from 1867 - 1889, constructing primarily wooden rigged ships and later wooden screw steamers for merchants on Tyneside. Lindsay worked in synergy with Messrs. Pattison and Atkinson of Mushroom Quay, who produced engines. the vessels including "St Lawrence" in August 1867. Iron was also later used, with a screw steamer constructed for the Sunderland Keel Co. in 1882.

It may have also been the yard of the Anderson's, who built screw steamers at Mushroom during the 1890s up until 1894. Anderson was in business with several partners such as Laverick, Johnson and Littlejohn until its demise in the middle of the decade. Around 16 vessels were constructed by a small crew in the few years they existed. The slip had become dilapidated by the end of the 19th century as per map illustrations.

In later years the site was taken over by the Spillers complex.

'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

Map of St Peters and St Lawrence around 1859, detailing the site of the shipyards. Courtesy of Tynebuiltships

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