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kilton castle

Address: 54.548696, -0.915508

Origin: 1190

Site Type: Castle

Condition: In Ruins

Kilton Castle, near to the village of Kilton in Cleveland, was built in the 12th century by either the De Brus family or the de Kiltons. Both were extremely powerful families in the area.

It was built from local stone overlooking Kilton Beck, and was used to protect the land surrounding it from outside forces. It was labelled as the "most powerful baronial fortress in Cleveland" as it was seen as unpenetrable. The de Mauley, another powerful family in Yorkshire (a descendant is currently a peer in the House of Lords!) attempted to overrun the castle but failed.

A chapel was located within the castle, named 'The Chantry Chapel of St Peter', built by Sir William de Kylton in 1190.

By the 14th century the castle was in ruins, which makes it a miracle it is still standing today! It was still occupied by this point, but was totally abandoned by the 16th century. Part of the castle can be seen today, though it's very rural and difficult to reach.

A few years ago an archaelogical excavation was done at the site, and by chance they found scraps of food that were deemed to be a medieval diet! Such as the cooked bones of seals, geese, swans, chickens and blackbirds... Ask your parents if you can have seal for tea next week!

North East Tower Remains

Here are some maps which illustrate the area from the 19th century... See the difference a century makes!

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