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HadrianHsopital, 1919

Name: Infectious Diseases Hospital (Hadrian's Hospital)

Region: Wallsend, North Tyneside

Date of Origin: 1890s

Site Type: Hospital

Condition: Demolished

Status: The site is occupied by the Kings Vale estate south of the coast road. 

Last Updated: 25/05/2020

Address: Kings Vale, Wallsend, NE28 7RF

"The Isolation Hospital, referred to as the Infectious Diseases Hospital, is seen here in 1919. It was originally built in the 1890s in open fields adjoining Wallsend Dene. Later renamed Hadrian Hospital, it was closed in 1986 and was converted into a rest home known as Greenacres. This was then closed and demolished to be replaced by the Kings Vale housing development around 2000, seen here behind the ambulance station built in the 1890s. 

The Hadrian Hospital as viewed in 1919. The site lies just south of the Coast Road at the current Kings Vale housing development.

Retrieved from Wallsend Through Time by Ken Hutchinson

Hadrian Hospital, 1919


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