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Backworth, North Tyneside

Moor Edge Farm, Backworth

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8 Mar 2021

Backworth, North Tyneside

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55.038598, -1.512671

Founded in 

18th Century

Current status is


Designer (if known):


Now occupied by housing development

'On a map of Shiremoor by Thomas Wilkinson dated 1790, the farm was owned by Thomas Fenwick Esquire and the land to the west by Ralph William Grey Esquire. On Fryer's map of 1820 the farm is named as "Moor Edge", presumably named after Billy Mill Moor or Shiremoor. In 1844 Moor Edge Farm was owned by the Duke of Northumberland. A valuation document of the farm lists the parcels of land within the farm including Earsdon west and north fields and Backworth east field. The farm is shown on first edition Ordnance Survey of 1850. In 2000 a single section of roughly built sandstone wall survived to a height of 1.50m. This was demolished without record shortly afterwards.' - Sitelines

Listing Description (if available)

The two maps above illustrate the farm during the latter half of the 19th century. The first map from 1865 further above shows Moor Edge Farm and its adjacent well along a country lane from Earsdon Square to Whitley Row. The A186 is now in the place of these properties. The farmstead likely occupied the small part of land to the south and the land up to the Church Pit, adjacent to the single track branch line to East Holywell.

By 1898 only the surrounding areas had changed. A shot factory was constructed to the north and further housing was constructed in Shiremoor and Backworth to accomodate the growing populace. Moor Edge Farm was close to being enveloped by the sprawl, but still held considerable land to its north.

The 1921 Ordnance Survey Map shows Moor Edge Farm, though the well is unlabelled. A number of terraces have been built close to the property as well as a theatre and working mens club. Some of this land may have been bought from the owners of the farm to develop. It seems most if not all of these vuildings have been demolished in place of new build housing in Shiremoor.




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