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Holywell Dene, Northumberland

Hartley Mill

Last Updated:

18 Mar 2022

Holywell Dene, Northumberland

This is a


5.070594, -1.477130

Founded in 

18th c

Current status is


Designer (if known):


Currently in ruins next to the dene.

"The Delaval Estate granted the first lease for a Water and Windmill in 1628 to grind corn. Both operated for approximately 150 years. The water mill buildings remained occupied until 1870 but the two houses, associated with the windmill, remained occupied until around 1960.

In 1760 the Estate granted a new lease for a water and windmill but only the former, Hartley Mill, was in the Dene. It operated until around 1920 but the associated house remained in occupation until 1970."


Listing Description (if available)

Above are the 1865 and 1898 versions of the Ordnance Survey and illustrate Hartley Mill in situ nearby Hartley West Farm. As it is now, it was in a fairly rural locality against Holywell Dene. The Mill Race which sadly no longer remains can be seen labelled down the dene. A number of coal shafts can be seen in the area, as well as the winding engine on the other side of the dene.

It was around 1920, the year this map was published, when the mill closed and no longer operated. It remained in situ for another few decades until it became ruinous as per its current state. In the past 100 years, very little has changed in the area.


Photograph of Hartley Mill, 1920.

The three storey building featured an outhouse and was in operation until the 1920s. A steep footpath was found behind the building as per map illustrations.


Photograph from March 2022 of the wall at the back of the building, which was set against the footpath as seen in the photograph above. This, along with the building corner as seen below, are the only remaining features that are recognisable.


Corner of the mill in situ, 2022. This photograph was taken on the sloping footpath behind the mill, and is the furthest corner right on the photograph above. There is dense foliage so it is impossible to trace any other remains without further foraging.

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