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Penshaw, Sunderland

Egyptian Pyramid Fragment, Penshaw

Last Updated:

12 Jul 2020

Penshaw, Sunderland

This is a

Inscribed Stone

Penshaw Ln, Houghton le Spring DH4 7ER

Founded in 


Current status is


Designer (if known):


The fragment can still be seen in Penshaw Church

'Penshaw Church is a 19th century church of fairly plain design. In the nave of the church, on the left hand wall towards the communion rail, there is a stone tablet of pink granite. This is a fragment of the Great Pyramid of Ghyzeh near Cairo.' - Sitelines

'A mine opened in Penshaw in 1792 and around the year 1823 a 9 year old boy came to work at the mine called George Elliot. As a young man he studied mine engineering and unusually progressed from this humble start to make an extraordinary career progression, becoming Chief Viewer of the Marquess of Londonderry’s Durham collieries.

Through shrewd investment he eventually owned collieries of his own and established a company making telegraph cables. In his later years he was an associate of the Prime Minister, Disraeli and was appointed as a financial adviser to the Khedive of Egypt. A stone tablet from Cheops was given to Elliot during his time in Egypt and it was incorporated into the church at Penshaw. Another similar stone, from the pyramid of Ghizeh was used at West Rainton church.'


Unfortunately I have not been able to retrieve any images, though the fragment will likely be non-descript. However it is fascinating to know a piece of world history can be found at a local Parish Church on Wearside.

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