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Derwenthaugh, Gateshead

Consett Staiths

Last Updated:

11 Dec 2022

Derwenthaugh, Gateshead

This is a


54.964211, -1.682492

Founded in 

19th c

Current status is

Partly Preserved

Designer (if known):


Now forms part of the Keelmans Way

"The Derwenthaugh Marina incorporates the remains of what was the eastern range of Derwenthaugh Staiths, now part of a jetty. This had been an important coal handling and shipping point since the mid 18th century. These remains are part of the 19th century staiths used by the Consett Iron Company who opened the colliery at Chopwell and transported coal along the Garesfield and Chopwell Railway. The staiths were taken over by the National Coal Board in 1947 and went out of use in 1960 having served the colleries and coke ovens at Chopwell, Garesfield, Clockburn Drift (Marley Hill) and the Derwenthaugh Coke Works which closed in 1985." - Sitelines

NEHL - The eastern wing of the staiths still exist and are possible to walk on.

Listing Description (if available)

The two maps above, from 1898 and 1920, show the ongoing development of the site as a centre for coal export on Tyneside. At the end of the 1890s the staiths were not at their greatest extent. Mid 19th century coal drops were still extant which provided a loading point only for keels and small vessels. This is why by the 1910s a larger staiths with two wings for multiple unloading points. At this time the nearby Blaydon Main Staiths had shrunk, with the coal ovens being demolished. There was also a number of cottages, presumably for the staith workers.

The 1939 Ordnance Survey shows the Blaydon Main Staiths totally demolished, with the spur from the main line removed. What appears to be gas tanks are constructed next to the Consett Staiths which, at this point, was its greatest extent.


The Consett Staiths can be seen on this aerial shot from 1934. Interestingly it appears the Blaydon staiths were demolished but the site still clearly visible - perhaps earthworks or sleepers still extant. Much of the area now is hotels and industry. Source: Consett Staiths on the River Tyne and environs, Blaydon, 1934 © Historic England. Aerofilms Collection Historic England Photograph: EPW043795 flown 01/02/1934


The eastern wing of the Consett Staiths in 2022. Much of it has been demolished but this part remains as a small walkway.


Shot from unknown date showing two workers on the western wing, with the wing in situ seen behind them. A ship is moored at the staith.

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