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All Saints, Newcastle

Church of St Ann (1st), Newcastle

Last Updated:

20 Jul 2020

All Saints, Newcastle

This is a

Place of Worship

54.972236, -1.594648

Founded in 

14th Century

Current status is


Designer (if known):


The present Chapel of St Ann occupies the site.

'In 1344 Robert of Byker granted to John Segerstane, a hermit, a plot of land in Byker 200 feet square, and a lane 20 feet wide extending from the plot to the Tyne, held from the manor of Byker, on which to build a chapel in honour of the Virgin Mary and St. Ann. This was on land which, in 1549, was annexed to Newcastle. In 1597 the chapel was used as a hospital during a plague outbreak. After the Reformation it fell into decay, but in 1628 was repaired at the expense of the town, and continued in use until replaced in 1768 by the present church. In the 18th century it was described as a chapel of ease to All Saints.' - Sitelines

Listing Description (if available)

Illustration of the 2nd St. Ann's Church in 1770. The newly constructed chapel was only opened 2 years prior. Before that, the site was occupied by a much earlier chapel which was in use as an Ease to the All Saints Church up the lane. The painter seems to have been stood around where the Northern Design Centre is now. The Tyne was much wider in those days and has since been dredged and made narrower.




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