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Burradon Colliery Railway


55.034309, -1.573955 to 55.045830, -1.573812





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23 Aug 2022

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23 Aug 2022




Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - A single track railway connected Burradon Colliery to both West Moor and the East Coast Main Line from its infacy to its closure in 1975. At first, it ran as an extension from West Moor Colliery, the working where Stephenson innovated his locomotives from his workshop nearby. This stretch was entirely single track, crossing through what is now Killingworth Lake in a straight northerly direction. At some point in the 19th century, the decision was made to branch off the railway to Killingworth Station, and join the East Coast Main Line for more efficient service. The line also connected to the Seaton Burn Waggonway just south of Burradon village. The railway closed with the pit in the 1970s.


Most of the route is still walkable, though the southern section has obviously become Killingworth Lake. It is tarmac'd over and weaves from the nearby housing estates, making for a pleasant albeit sceneless view as both sides are covered by fences throughout.

Ordnance Survey, 1897

Ordnance Survey, 1897

The railway is visible on the centre of this aerial shot from Burradon Colliery.

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Looking northwards on the old railway track, now a footpath.

Looking northwards on the old railway track, now a footpath.

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