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Bewick Pit to Bigge Pit Branch


55.009237, -1.525424 to 55.009057, -1.517756



18th c


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18 Jul 2022

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18 Jul 2022




Description (or HER record listing)

By 1800. A short branch line ran north from Killingworth Moor Waggonway (HER 1160) to Bigge Pit. The pit can be seen on Watson 20/A2, which dates to about 1800, lying at the southern edge of a scatter of old pits extending up to Longbenton East Colliery and the branch lines of Longbenton East Waggonway (HER1167) immediately to the south of the 90 Fathom Dyke. The disused pit is shown on Bell’s map of 1847.


Part of the small branch between the Bewick and Bigge Pit is still evident and covered by tarmac, however around 3/5 is now built over by housing and a school. The field in which Bewick Pit once stood may also be private.

Marked as 'Old Waggonway' on the 1865 Ordnance Survey.

Marked as 'Old Waggonway' on the 1865 Ordnance Survey.

Part of the branch at the junction between the Willington and Killingworth waggonways nearby.

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