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West Pelton Colliery


54.860386, -1.640311

Alma Pit





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11 May 2023

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11 May 2023




James Joicey & Co. (1860s)

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NEHL - The West Pelton Alma Pit was located on the banks of the Twizell Burn between the mid 19th century and the 1920s, though a drift in the area did continue until the 50s.

It is shown on the map of 1857 when it was sunk and under construction, showing a water engine, the main pit building and a small pit pond. It was connected by rail to the Pontop & South Shields Railway by the Pelton West Waggonway.

By the 1890s the site had expanded, featuring a brick works and a village which had developed to accomodate the workers and their families. The brick works was opened in 1872 and were stamped "Joicey West Pelton". Grange Villa radiated north, and a post office as well as gasometers for the local supply were built here.

Nowadays, the site has been cleared and is non descript, though the pit village that was built from it partly survives. Grange Villa was placed in category D under the Durham County Development Plan.

Ordnance Survey, 1890s

Ordnance Survey, 1890s

Alma Pit is shown on this undated postcard alongside the Joicey brickworks

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