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Woodland Colliery


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8 Dec 2022

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8 Dec 2022




Woodland Coal Co. Ltd. (1880s), Woodland Collieries Co. Ltd. (1890s), Cargo Fleet Iron Co. Ltd. (1920s)

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - Woodland Colliery stood at the north end of Woodland Village c. 1880s until 1921, when the Cargo Fleet Iron Co. closed the pit. It was a medium scale colliery, with one line of coke ovens, five railway sidings and a reservoir. All workers will have lived in the nearby town as there were no terraces built by the colliery owners. They will have been the main employer in the village also, employing 494 people before its closure in 1921.

It was connected to the Woodland Branch Railway, which provided a number of collieries access to the North Eastern Railway line to Bishop Auckland. It continued westwards to Woolly Hill.

Ordnance Survey, 1897

Ordnance Survey, 1897

The only photograph widely known is this grainy photo of the pit, likely just before closure.

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