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Tow Law, Lady Jane Pit

Tow Law

54.749541, -1.810883




19th c

Entry Created:

18 Jan 2024

Last Updated:

18 Jan 2024




Attwood & Co.

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - Lady Jane Pit was operating in the mid 19th century, likely owned by Atwood & Co., who ran the Black Prince Colliery just north of here. This is because it was named Royal George Pit in the 1850s, so the trend of naming after nobility appears to filter to this working.

It was a modest working, comprising of a site only a couple dozen ft in size. Only one building was situated here on the lane to High West House, with a small pond also making up the site. It was likely an alternative shaft to access Black Prince Colliery or ventilation, given it is labelled as an "air shaft" in later maps.

The shaft had disappeared in the 20th century.

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