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Merrington Colliery


54.699795, -1.613525

Spennymoor Pit




19th c

Entry Created:

28 Jul 2022

Last Updated:

28 Jul 2022




Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - Merrington Colliery was operating from the 1840s until around the 1880s, though it cannot be verified. It neighbour Whitworth Colliery Margaret Pit and Whitworth Park Colliery, which closed around the same time. Merrington Colliery looks the more modest of the 3, featuring only a small number of facilities, though had its own reservoir which must have been used by the other pits. Many sources online cite this pit closing much later - This may be due to the site lying derelict for a number of decades after closure. There is a small chance it was casually worked, but formal operations ceased at least by the 1890s as cited on contemporary maps.

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