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South Durham Old Colliery


54.643758, -1.641012





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9 Oct 2023

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9 Oct 2023




Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - The South Durham Old Colliery was illustrated in the 1850s, though did not until it was redeveloped for pitmens housing by the 1890s for the much larger South Durham Colliery to the north east.

It doesn't label it as closed in the 1850s, however it certainly may have been considering the waggonway was already pulled up by the date of survey. It was fairly primitive, featuring only 3 above ground buildings and what appear to be either ponds or small pastures. It was linked directly to the Stockton & Darlington Railway, with an engine house on its southern extremity. There may also have been a winding engine at Eldon Bank Top when we consider the existence of a building here which has since been demolished.

There is no trace at all of the pit. Front Row and South Row were developed on the site before the 1890s.

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