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West Durham Wallsend Colliery


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18 Jul 2023

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18 Jul 2023




West Durham Wallsend Coal Co. Ltd. (1890s)

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - A small mining enterprise was set up west of Durham in the 1890s, only lasting for a decade until the site was left disused by the 1910s.

The West Durham Wallsend Colliery likely capitalised on the good reputation of Wallsend coals and named it after them for prospective buyers. The complex was modest, featuring a few rectangular ancillary buildings with two shafts and utilising two sidings with a shunting point. The railway was directly connected with Shildon Lodge Colliery which continued on to the mainline.

Advertisements can be seen in southern newspapers advertising their coals at low prices, which compliments the theory above. However, the enterprise doesn't seem to have lasted long as they were out of business by the 1910s. The pit is shown as disused on the map surveyed in 1915, with just the extant heap and disused shaft. The railway had also been lifted up to West Street, now West Auckland Road. The site is still evident today.

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