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Rainton Colliery


54.817788, -1.511101

Adventure Pit





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4 Jun 2022

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20 Dec 2023




Lord Londonderry (1815), Messrs. Cooks (1912), Rainton Colliery Co. Ltd. (1914), National Coal Board (1947)

Description (or HER record listing)

"At the Rainton Colliery, which is the property of the Marquis of Londonderry, there are three pits from which coal is raised, named the Adventure, Alexandrina, and Meadow pits, sunk in the years, 1817, 1824, and 1824 respectively. The seams worked are the Five Quarter, High Main, Maudlin, and Low Main, the Hutton seam being practically exhausted. The coals produced are Londonderry Wallsend, Pittington Wallsend, and Londonderry Primrose, for household purposes, and the Hartley for steam purposes. Number of stationary engines in use is 31 ; boilers, 38 ; number of men and boys employed, 1185 ; houses occupied by workmen, 835."

- Whellan's 1894 Directory of County Durham, retrieved from Durham Mining Museum

NEHL - The site is now a caravan park, and there is no trace of the working itself apart from the clear boundaries of the complex. The embankment of the railway branch however is apparent in the adjacent field, and can still be walked though is heavily overgrown. The waste heap has been entirely removed.

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Adventure Pit, undated. Unknown Source.

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Adventure Pit, Rainton in 1978. Credit: Des Kelly, no reuse without permission.

Adventure Pit, Rainton in 1978. Credit: Des Kelly, no reuse without permission.

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