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Low Stublick Colliery


54.940647, -2.218106




19th c

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21 Apr 2022

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21 Apr 2022




Blackett-Beaumont Allendale Estate

Description (or HER record listing)

The first definite reference to this colliery is in a lease dated 1794. An earlier reference in 1774 may also refer to this colliery but it is not named. The colliery was worked by means of shafts and drifts into the coal outcrop with the coal seams worked by the pillar and stall method. Drainage levels were also built to take water away from the workings. The miners lived nearby in houses built by the Stublick Burn. The colliery was part of the Blackett-Beaumont Allendale Estates by 1835 and supplied coal to the Allenheads smelt mill, Allenheads lead mines and the Coalcleugh lead mines. Little is known about the colliery after 1848, but it probably closed later that century.

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