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Coal Pits, Pegswood

Pegswood, Northumberland

55.172653, -1.666242



Entry Created:

3 Sept 2021

Last Updated:

8 Sept 2021




Description (or HER record listing)

At least 30 small pits are visible as earthworks in historical air photos and on lidar imagery. These are likely to be the remains of post medieval coal pits. These pits are cut into the steep north bank of the River Wansbeck between How Burn and the railway viaduct. Most are located within the woods and are only visible on the lidar imagery, a few are located in the fields to north. They are distinguished from other coal pits in the fields to the north by the apparent absence of a ring of spoil heaps around the pit entrances. The pits in the fields appear to have been filled in, those in the woods survive as earthworks.

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