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Ouston, coal workings

Plenmeller with Whitfield

54.872224, -2.351247





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21 Apr 2022

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21 Apr 2022




Description (or HER record listing)

Both lead and coal mining remains survive as earthworks at Ouston, but they are difficult to distinguish one from the other. The remains include adits, spoil heaps, a possible shaft, possible processing areas, building remains, trackways, a bridge, possible waggonway, and watercourses. Ouston lies near the edge of the North Pennine lead orefield. Because it was worked by small concerns there is little documentary evidence of the industry. Lead mining probably occurred here between the late 1750s and the 1860s, based on map evidence. Coal mining on the other hand is documented in 1834 with an account of work undertaken at 'B' pit at Ouston colliery. At this time there were 110 men working at the pit and it implies the existence of another 'A' pit nearby.

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