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Loud Pit, Annfield Plain

Annfield Plain

54.860876, -1.759761



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1 Dec 2021

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1 Dec 2021





Description (or HER record listing)

This colliery is specifically noted in a gazetteer of the archaeological and historical sites of the area. Such sites used to be common in the north of England - these are now of archaeological interest, in some cases little remaining of entire sites on the surface. - Keys to the Past

'Loud Pit was an early C18th coal pit just west of Annfield Plain. Coal was taken along this waggonway, down gradient to the north in waggons pulled along wooden rails by horses. Their route would cross the River Derwent and reach the River Tyne at Dunston for loading onto keel boats.

The pit was eventually taken over by Pontop and East Castle Collieries west of Annfield Plain with coal transported by railway on the North Eastern Railway (now closed).'- Andrew Curtis, geograph

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Loud Pit Waggonway, 2010. Taken by Andrew Curtis, geograph. Used under Creative Commons License

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