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Wheatley Hill Colliery

Wheatley Hill






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21 Jan 2022

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2 Jan 2024




Thornley Coal Co. (1869), Original Hartlepool Collieries Co. Ltd. (1880s), Weardale Iron & Coal Co. Ltd. (1885), National Coal Board (1947)

Description (or HER record listing)

This is the site of a colliery with associated workers housing. It operated from 1869 for a century and was then closed and demolished in 1969. At one time an aerial ropeway ran from the colliery to a nearby spoilheap (1-5).

NEHL - Wheatley Hill Colliery was a sizeable working, with a substantial pit village over a dozen rows long by the 1890s. It joined the Sunderland & Hartlepool Railway via a small branch named the Green Hills Railway for onward shipment at Hartlepool. The pit village featured a hotel & public house named the Colliery Hotel, a chapel, Temperance Hall as well as school and hotel over at Wheatley Hill Farm. Another Mission Church was located here also.

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Wheatley Hill Colliery, undated. Source: Wheatley Hill Colliery, Facebook

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Wheatley Hill Colliery and the aerial ropeway, undated. Unknown original source.

Wheatley Hill Colliery and the aerial ropeway, undated. Unknown original source.

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