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East Hetton Colliery



Kelloe Colliery





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5 Nov 2021

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20 Dec 2023




East Hetton Coal Co. (1936), Walter Scott Ltd (1880), East Hetton Collieries Ltd (1935), National Coal Board (1947 -)

Description (or HER record listing)

Colliery first sunk in 1836 by East Hetton Coal Co. with a single pit. Owned by Walter Scott Ltd in 1880, by East Hetton Collieries Ltd in 1935, and by the National Coal Board in 1947. Closed in 1983 (1-3).

NEHL - East Hetton Colliery stood north of Church Kelloe, not too far north of East Hetton itself. The complex was sizeable by the 1850s, with a waggonway linking the colliery to the North Eastern Railway line to Hartlepool where coals were shipped. The East and South Hetton Collieries were directly linked by a stream of water also, presumably to hold water pumped out in the workings below. By the 1890s the site had expanded greatly, with waggonways leading every direction to various workings and pumping stations in the area. The village of East Hetton further expanded with pit rows also, and likely hitched a ride on the waggons to the pit for their shifts. The area is now wooded, and makes for a pleasant walk.

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Ordnance Survey, 1898

East Hetton Colliery, undated. Source: East Hetton Colliery, Facebook

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East Hetton Colliery in the 80s. Credit: Des & Andy Kelly, no reuse without permission.

East Hetton Colliery in the 80s. Credit: Des & Andy Kelly, no reuse without permission.

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