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Westerton Colliery

Westerton, Bishop Auckland

54.679027, -1.631739



19th c


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23 Feb 2024

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23 Feb 2024




Nicholas Wood, Bolckow Vaughan, Dorman Long, National Coal Board

Description (or HER record listing)

"The principal lessees of the land are Messrs. Bolckow, Vaughan, & Co., who also work the royalty, by the two pits, Binchester and Westerton. The Binchester is working the Harvey seam at a depth of 40 fathoms, having a thickness of 3 feet 8 inches ; and the Brockwell, 4 feet 3 inches thick, at a depth of 80 fathoms, the two producing and output of 800 tons per day. The Westerton pit adjoins the Binchester, the two being one as regards the surface. Here the Five Quarter and Main coal seams are being worked at a depth of 80 fathoms ; drawing 350 tons per day. There are 395 coke ovens, and the coal for coking purposes is washed by Robinson's patent washers. A Guibal fan, of 36 feet diameter, is placed at the Westerton pit, which ventilates the two. The waste gas from the ovens is utilised for heating the boilers. The two pits employ no less than 800 men and boys in all."

- Whellan's 1894 Directory of County Durham, with thanks to Durham Mining Museum

NEHL - The Westerton Pit shared the same railway and facilities as the Binchester Colliery, and were mutually owned by Bolckow Vaughan and in turn Dorman Long. The colliery first features on the 1890s map as a curved complex with 3 lines of coke ovens, with a smaller complex of an engine house, gasometer and other ancillary buildings. A pit heap adjoined also. Pitmen likely occupied Wood Row, the Nutter's Buildings, Binchester Blocks in the west and Westerton village. The colliery site is reclaimed.

Ordnance Survey, 1890s

Ordnance Survey, 1890s

The Winding House at Westerton Colliery. Source: Beamish Collections

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Sadly low resolution shot of Westerton Colliery, undated. Unknown source.

Sadly low resolution shot of Westerton Colliery, undated. Unknown source.

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