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Black Prince Colliery

Tow Law

54.752682, -1.814708





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7 Jun 2022

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7 Jun 2022




Attwood & Co. (1850s), Weardale Iron Co. (1858), Weardale Iron & Coal Co. (1860s), Weardale Steel, Coal & Coke Co. Ltd. (1900s)

Description (or HER record listing)

"At the Black Prince Colliery, worked by the Weardale Iron and Coal Company, there are about 640 men and boys employed, working the "Ballarat" seam, 1 foot 10 inches to 2 feet thick; the "Five Quarter," 2 feet 5 inches to 2 feet 9 inches ; "Top Coal Seam," 2 feet 9 inches ; and the " Main Coal," 2 feet 10 inches to 3 feet 6 inches thick. The whole of these seams provide good coking coal. The main coal crops out to the surface a little to the west of Dan's Castle."

- Whellan's 1894 Directory of County Durham (Retrieved from Durham Mining Museum)

Ordnance Survey, 1890s

Ordnance Survey, 1890s

Black Prince Colliery, undated. Source: Durham Mining Communities, Facebook

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