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Montague Main Colliery


54.987269, -1.687446




19th c

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25 Aug 2023

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25 Aug 2023




William Benson & Sons

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - This pit likely formed part of the Montague Main complex. The "Old coal shaft" is illustrated on the 1860s Ordnance Survey maps. It was in a form still in situ through to modern housing developments.

The shaft can be seen on 1940s aerial imagery as a small circular wooded area between what is likely Francis Pit and the still working Caroline Pit.

Coal from this pit likely used the Kitty's drift underground railway to ship coal to the Tyne, alongside the more well known Caroline Pit and View Pit.

Ordnance Survey, 1860s

Ordnance Survey, 1860s

The Montague Main Collieries are evident in this aerial pit from the 1940s. This pit is the circular wooded area in the centre. Source: Google Earth

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