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North Elswick Colliery


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3 Sept 2021

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13 Jul 2023




Elswick Colliery Co. (1860s), Elswick Coal Co. Ltd. (1890s)

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - North Elswick Colliery was situated nr Pitt Street, Elswick from circa 1800s.

There are contemporary advertisements from 1827 which indicates the existence of two pits put down the Bensham Seam and the Low Seam. This was as part of an auction at Pilgrim Street, which was selling the land in which coal, fireclay and iron stone was situated.

The colliery was still in operation into the 1890s, enveloped by surrounding sprawl. There was a main access shaft and an air shaft surrounded by a walled enclosure. The winding rope and wheel was a known landmark in the area.

Operations continued through to the 1940s. In that year there was a large explosion, killing two people on the scene and two in hospital.

It closed around the 1940s, though the workings were still extant after closure. The site became part of the Newcastle Breweries complex, and later Science Central where some remains were found in the 2010s.

Ordnance Survey, 1896

Ordnance Survey, 1896

A blurry shot of the pit from above in 1939. Source: Historic England. Aerofilms Collection Historic England Photograph: EPW060869 flown 28/04/1939

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