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Throckley Colliery

Throckley, Newcastle

55.000069, -1.764200

Meadow Pit





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3 Sept 2021

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31 Aug 2023




Throckley Coal Co. (1860s)

Description (or HER record listing)

Meadow Pit is shown on several 18th century estate maps of Throckley contained in the collection of Northumberland Record Office. An undated (but pre-1865) plan of ‘The Throckley Estate and workings in the Engine Seam belonging to Greenwich Hospital’ shows the extent of the underground workings of Throckley Colliery. It shows that the colliery was working the Engine seam (better known as the Low Main Seam) by pillar and stool workings. The site has been levelled.

NEHL - The Meadow Pit is one of the last in the immediate area. It was previously part of the Throckley Estate (in turn Greenwickh Hospital, who also had pits around Berwick as part of their portfolio) but became a fully fledged colliery in the 19th century. It was connected by waggonway to the Throckley Brick Works which led down to the Tyne at Lemington Staiths.

Ordnance Survey, 1860s

Ordnance Survey, 1860s

Meadow Pit can be seen in the centre left, 1940s. Source: Google Earth

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