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Stormont Main Colliery

Wrekenton, Gateshead


King Pit




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3 Sept 2021

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18 Apr 2024




J. Grace & Partners (1840s)

Description (or HER record listing)

Stormont Main Colliery, King Pit. Owned by J. Grace and Partners. An explosion on 5 April 1843 killed 27 miners.

NEHL - Stormont Main stood on the Wrekenton Hill until around the 1890s, when it is annotated as disused on the Ordnance Survey maps. It was working by the 1850s as a modest pit, yet unconnected by rail, though it appears the alignment was in construction. There were two ancillary buildings with a small pit heap, which by the 1890s was still in situ.

The explosion in 1843 is reported in the London Morning Herald, with 27 men and boys killed with 6 or 7 others injured. 50 persons were engaged in the pit before the explosion which was attributed to firedamp. The owner stated he had mate every effort to ventilate the mine.

In 1847 Stormont Main went up for sale alongside its staiths at Pelaw Main and working stock.

Ordnance Survey, 1850s

Ordnance Survey, 1850s

The site of Stormont Main in 2024

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