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Allerdean Colliery

Lamesley, Gateshead


Ravensworth Shop Team Colliery


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4 Sept 2021


W. W. Burdon & Co. (1850s), W.W. Burdon (1860s), Charles Perkins & Partners (1900s), Birtley Iron Co. (1910s), Pelaw Main Collieries Ltd. (1940s), National Coal Board (1947 -)

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Allerdean Colliery was working by 1726 when the Team Wagonway reached it, (SMR 3741). Owners from the 1850s were WW Burdon, W Barkus, junior & Co, Charles Perkins and Partners, Birtley Iron Works, Pelaw Main Colleries Ltd and in 1947 NCB. Also known as Ravensworth Shop, Team Colliery.

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Ordnance Survey, 1898

'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

Ravensworth Colliery, unknown, Ravensworth Colliery Facebook page

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