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Tyne Main Colliery



Friars Goose Colliery

William Pit



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3 Sept 2021

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3 Sept 2021




Liddell Partnership (1840s), Losh & Co. (1850s), George Elliott & Co. (1860s -)

Description (or HER record listing)

Tyne Main Colliery, also called Friar's Goose Colliery had not been extensively worked until the 1740s when the Liddell partnership installed two Newcomen engines (see HER ref. 1012) at Friar's Goose on the riverside, which overcame the minewater problems in this area. One of the busiest wagonways was that of Friar's Goose Colliery which was made possible by the effort to drain Gateshead Park and, in 1746, was about a quarter of a mile in length. Towards the end of 19th century the colliery closed. Although it briefly re-activated a number of times, Tyne Main Colliery had finally closed by 1895.

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