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Hylton Colliery

Hylton, Sunderland


Castletown Colliery





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3 Sept 2021

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23 Oct 2023




Wearmouth Coal Company, National Coal Board

Description (or HER record listing)

"Opened 1900, closed 13 July 1979. Sinking started in 1897. There were three pits - East Pit, South Pit and West Pit. The owners were Wearmouth Coal Company LTD until the National Coal Board took over in 1947."

NEHL - Hylton Colliery was sunk on the site of a steel works, previously a small shipbuilding yard in the 1850s. It had began sinking in 1899, and were already on strike in 1900 given guaranteed conditions of no night work. Upon opening though the complex was vast, incorporating dozens of sidings along the old railway from Washington to Monkwearmouth. By the 1920s nearly 2,000 people worked here providing the spine of employment for the Castletown area and adding to an already dense supply chain on Wearside.

The pitmen had their own cricket and football clubs, with various players ending up playing professionally. The pit was added to the NCB portfolio during nationalisation but was closed in 1979. 440 people were employed at closure, and claims were made that it was losing around £3m a year by the end.

Ordnance Survey 1898

Ordnance Survey 1898

Hylton Colliery, date unknown. Source:

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Aerial shot of Hylton Colliery, which was situated at the industrial zone on the banks of the Wear.

Aerial shot of Hylton Colliery, which was situated at the industrial zone on the banks of the Wear.

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