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Street Pit, Throckley

Throckley, Newcastle


Rye Pit



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3 Sept 2021

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31 Aug 2023




Sir Francis Radcliffe, George Lewin Marihl, Cuthbert Birtley Miln, heirs of William Chicken, Jeremy Colhurst

Description (or HER record listing)

Shown on 18th century plans. A rental of 1669 for part of the Throckley estate of Sir Francis Radcliffe lists the tenants 'for every going pit' as George Lerwin Marihl, Cuthbert Birtley Miln, the heirs of William Chicken and Jeremy Colhurst. Dodds (1930) says small pits were begun at Throckley in the late 17th century.

NEHL - This is also the Rye Pit, which was located directly next to the brick works at Throckley. It was in turn connected to the Throckley Waggonway which led down to Lemington Staiths. It was part of the wider Throckley Colliery complex for which there were multiple in the area.

Ordnance Survey, 1860s

Ordnance Survey, 1860s

Rye Pit was located immediately next to the Brick Works. 1940s. Source: Google Earth

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