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Benton Square, coal shaft


55.025717, -1.532639



18th c


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23 Oct 2023

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23 Oct 2023




Nathaniel Punshon

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - A coal shaft is illustrated in this location on the "Plan of Killingworth Moor in the Parish of Longbenton" by John Fryer, 1792. It is one of around a dozen dotted around the Willington and Benton Square waggonways on land owned by the Earl of Carlisle.

This shaft was the terminus of one of the many branches of the waggonway between Benton Square and Wallsend, leading through Battle Hill. It was located on a stone bridle road to Ralph William Grey's Backworth estate, and this shaft in particular was located on land owned by Nathanial Punshon. Punshon was a member of the Merchant Adventurers Guild.

The shaft had been sealed and disappeared by the 1850s.

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