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Thorald Pit, Harraton

Harraton, Washington




Entry Created:

3 Sept 2021

Last Updated:

8 Sept 2021




Grand Allies Partnership

Description (or HER record listing)

Shown on Oliver 1851. Next to waggonway HER 14892. In 1730 John Thorald (later 8th baronet Sir John Thorald) married Elizabeth Ayton of West Herrington. The Thorald family were from Marston (later Syston), Lincolnshire. Harraton Outside Colliery is mentioned in minutes dated 1727-1730 of the Grand Allies Partnership. Two letters dated 1764 and 1770 to Sir John Thorald also mention the colliery at 'Harroten Outside'. A lease dated to the 1770s made between Sir John Thorald of Syston Park and Ralph Milbanke of Halnaby discusses mines and quarries and the right to built houses for colliers and quarrymen. Sir John Thorold was tenant in common with Ralph Milbank and Sir Francis Blake Bart (who married Isabel Ayton before 1734). A lease of 1778 between John's widow Dame Elizabeth Thorald and Ralph Milbanke describes the right to 'dig, sink, rid, win, work and make pitts, shafts, staples, trenches, groves, and to make or drive, drifts, watergates, watercourses as well for the winning working and getting of coals from the soil'.

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