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Name: Chalybeate Well

Region: High Barmston, Washington

Date of Origin: Unknown. May be 19th century due to popularity of chalybeate wells at this point

Site Type: Well

Condition: Unknown

Status: The site is unoccupied woodland. As a result there may be potential remains.

Last Updated: 24/05/2020

Address: 54.893415, -1.487962, on the banks of the Wear to the west of Edale Close

The well at High Barmston is featured on the first few Ordnance Survey editions. The significance of this well is down to it being Chalybeate, which is a well depositing water filled with minerals and iron. Chalybeate waters were extremely popular in the 19th century, and helped promote towns and resorts like Tynemouth, Harrogate and Scarborough with their "healing properties". As a result, the well at Barmston may have promised the same qualities by a local entrepeneur, selling off this water as high quality. There is not much other information concerning this spring, nor the one over the water in Cox Green, but it is still important as it represented an era of betterment and leisure. The development of Barmston may have been a product of this well, and certainly wouldn't have been visible on the OS map if it wasn't important to the area.


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