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Rugby, Football

The Slonks, Football Ground

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Shotley Bridge







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25 Jul 2023

St Cuthberts RFC, Shotley Bridge AFC (1891)

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NEHL - Shotley Bridge AFC found their home ground at The Slonks from the 1890s.. They had been formed in 1891, with a Chronicle piece from that year stating they had "use of a splendid field, situated on the Slonks Road, formerly used by the late St Cuthberts RFC". The piece also stated there were 40 members enrolled onto its books from the opening, with the colours being amber and white.

The exact location cannot be ascertained, but is likely to be the small enclosed field slightly nortr west of Slonk's plantation near St Cuthberts Church. The earlier rugby club will likely have been formed from churchgoers or simply named after the nearest local feature.

The ground is not illustrated on any Ordnance Survey map, however a photograph from the end of the 1906-07 season shows them outside a group of corner terraced houses. The backdrop is likely to be the Commercial Hotel on Church Bank, as the gradient up the hill can also be seen. The Commercial Hotel was also the site of its regular suppers and general meetings.

The club had gone defunct by the 1910s, with the last reference in 1908.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey, 1897

'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

Shotley Bridge AFC in the 1906-07 season. Credit: Shotley Bridge Village Trust (

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'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

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