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Deanery Park

54.854091, -1.564485

Chester le Street




20th c



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8 Aug 2022

Chester le Street AFC

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NEHL - A large section of open land next to the River Wear was utilised by Chester le Street AFC as their home ground. It was named 'Deanery Park', historically being the grounds of the Dean who was head of the Parish Church of St. Mary & St. Cuthbert.

The earliest references to the park being used for football is in the late 1920s, when a group of local players signed for the team. The team played in the Wearside League against such teams as Washington Chemical Works and Sunderland West End.

By 1935, Durham County Council had purchased the ground, likely for housing development that followed. Chester le Street AFC were left seeking a new ground. However, aerial shots from the 50s seem to suggest the ground remained for a while longer.

Weekly boxing contests also took place here in 1929, promoted by Mr Tom Sharp of the Joiners Arms. Bouts included Teddy Brown, the light-weight champion of the north, against Andy Keating. Keating had fought over 150 matches and was never knocked out.

The whole area was filled with amenties around the 40s and 50s. Contemporary maps and aerial photos from the 40s and 50s show the football pitch as well as a bowling green. The football clubhouse can also be seen.

Ordnance Survey

'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

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'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

Historic Environment Records

Durham/Northumberland: Keys to the Past

Tyne and Wear: Sitelines

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