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Middlesbrough railway station

Address: 54.579262, -1.234962

Origin: 1877

Site Type: Railway Station

Condition: In use

Middlesbrough Railway Station is the primary stop for travellers in Teesside commuting to the North East and the Pennines. The current station is not the first in the town, with previous sites situated at Zetland Road and Commercial Road. This one was built in 1877 as there was much more space to accomodate for the fast growing town.

On 3rd August 1942, the station was targeted as one of Adolf Hitler's primary targets because of its importance in getting people and freight around the country. Remember, Middlesbrough was a very important place for not just for shipping, but for steel and energy. A daylight raid by the Nazi Luftwaffe knocked the station out of use. 

Multiple bombs were dropped, but fortunately no one died in the raid. A passenger train had left the station only minutes earlier. If it had been delayed then a tragedy may have occurred. There were people in the station but fortunately no one was hurt. Sadly a lot of the detailed roof and buildings were damaged and had to be rebuilt.

The picture to the right shows the station as it was before the tragic bombings during World War Two.


This is the station as it was around the 1970s. 

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