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Address: 54.567254, -1.240026

Origin: 1900

Site Type: Offices

Condition: In situ

Though it may just be a building you have walked past and not really noticed, this special building is one that is just as beautiful today as it once when it was built!

The Forbes Buildings, numbered 311-321 on Linthorpe Road, were built between 1899 and 1900 by a company called R. Lofthouse & Sons for John Forbes. He was originally a baker from Aberdeen in Scotland and went on to become Mayor of Middlesbrough in 1904. As well as being one of the most important figures in Middlesbrough politics, he was also very involved in local sport having being the Vice president for numberous clubs in the town for swimming, cycling, gymnastics etc.

The first of his bakeries was on Feversham Street, which is above the Railway Station in the former old town, but has since been demolished. The premises at Linthorpe Road also had offices, a stables for horses (presumably to transport the goods across the town) and offices above.


The building today is just as lovely as yesteryear. Credit: Hidden Teesside

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