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Norham, Northumberland

Norham Village Cross

Last Updated:

12 Apr 2024

Norham, Northumberland

This is a

Village Cross

55.719280, -2.162163

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Scheduled Ancient Monument

Norham’s Cross is the centrepiece of the village, and has been since the medieval period.

It’s exact age isn’t known, but the base of this monument is older than most of what you seen around it. Amazing really, because the weathering is far more evident on the Victorian shaft than it is the 6 steps which form the older section.

Norham was one of the first Northumberland villages to be granted a charter for a market in 1180, and later a fair in 1293.

Village Crosses were originally the markers of the settlement centre. Preachers, markers, debates and proclamations were always held under their gaze given they were an identifiable landmark well beyond widespread literacy.

The weather vane has been here since 1927 as a gift from Mr Thomas Thorpe, who owned Bondgate Hall, Alnwick and Morris Hall near here. It takes the form of a salmon - a fish which was vital to the health and economy of this area.

Listing Description (if available)

Village cross. Medieval and 1870s. Sandstone. Medieval base of 6 high circular steps. Victorian shaft with clustered columns and very tall elongated pyramidal top with weather vane. Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Both Ordnance Survey maps shown illustrate the village of Norham between the 1860s and 1890s. The village has very little changed, even until now. The cross was erected in the same location as today, featuring a very similar landscape apart from the Salmon Inn which has since closed. The fountain, the terraces on the front street and public hall are still used.

The 1926 also shows little transition. By this time there was only one Presbyterian Church. The churches split off into separate congregations with one utilising the "north" chapel on South Lane and one opposite Galagate farm. The south chapel lasted much longer as the villages Presbyterian place of worship. A war memorial was also added after WWI.


Norham Village Cross in 2024


A 19th century photograph of Norham and the village. The large stone on the right is the louping stone, where folk got married. Source: Norham & Ladykirk Local History Society


A circa early 20th century photograph of the cross facing Norham Castle, in a slightly later view to the one above. Unknown original source.

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