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Whitley Bay, North Tyneside

Currys Point

Last Updated:

31 May 2020

Whitley Bay, North Tyneside

This is a

Execution Site

55.069651, -1.452054

Founded in 

18th Century

Current status is


Designer (if known):


A commemorative plaque is at the site.

Curry's Point is located to the north of Whitley Bay and is a promontory (part of the mainland which extends out to sea) and leads to the causeway connecting to St. Mary’s Island. There is a car park and nature reserve nearby. A commemorative plaque explains where the point got its name from: "On 4th September 1739 Michael Curry was executed for the murder of Landlord of the Three Horseshoes Inn, Hartley. His body was afterwards hung in chains from a gibbet at this spot, within sight of the scene of his crime. Ever since that gruesome event this headland has been known as Curry's Point. Erected 4th September 1989 to mark the 250th anniversary.'
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Listing Description (if available)

The Ordnance Survey maps show the site of Currys Point. As mentioned above, this is the site of the execution of Michael Curry, and its legend has lived on to become the area itself overlooking St. Mary's Lighthouse.




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